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Recent News from Family Eldercare

Resiliency planning: What it means for Family Eldercare and our community.

The past several years have challenged us all in so many ways. If we have learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, racial reckonings, and natural disasters, it is that we need each other. Over the past year, Family Eldercare has been working hard to make sure that the people we serve are safe and connected…Read More

Honoring William and all the veterans we serve

We have it in our power to honor veterans every day of the year. Providing care and having empathy for the hardships of life is how Family Eldercare does it. In honor of Veterans Day, we want to acknowledge the stories of sacrifice, struggle, and resilience we hear from the veterans we serve. William’s is…Read More

Part 2-A Day in the Life of a Rapid Rehousing Case Manager

What does a typical Monday morning look like for you? For Quentin Rozier, a typical day might start at the shelter, or doing street outreach where he meets and engages with his existing and new clients. Quentin works as a Rapid Rehousing Case Manager for Family Eldercare, which means he works with Austinites experiencing homelessness,…Read More

Family Eldercare condemns the excessive use of force

Family Eldercare condemns the excessive use of force in a video recently released by KXAN, where a local woman, Simone Nicole Griffith, is shown being held down by one APD officer while another repeatedly punches her, and a third looks on.    Ms. Griffith is experiencing homelessness, like many Family Eldercare clients. We believe every person, regardless of age, race, ability, housing or socioeconomic status, deserves safety and respect.    Family Eldercare calls on our…Read More

Part 1-A Day in the Life of a Rapid Rehousing Case Manager

What exactly does a Rapid Rehousing Case Manager do? Quentin shares his experience as Rapid Rehousing Case Manager over the last two years. He has helped the Rapid Rehousing team house over 140 individuals this year while adding 15 new clients each month. In 120 seconds, Quentin covers what it’s like to work with unhoused…Read More