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An honest look at Family Eldercare’s mission: who we serve, how we make your donation go farther, and a glance at the clients you might be surprised receive services from our amazing programs.

For a mission-based organization that runs our fiscal year on the calendar year, mid-year can be a time of confusing identities. We have closed the books on the previous year and are providing annual reports; looking at the current year and working hard to ensure we have the resources to serve every client possible; while planning for every possible situation for the following year.

As President and CEO, I am proud to report about the great things that happened at Family Eldercare last year. As we look to plan for next year, I am even more excited about what our new strategic plan will bring to the clients we serve. Through the leadership of Jane Baxter Lynn and the expertise and vision provided by our Board of Directors, a strategic plan was recently adopted that helps ensure Family Eldercare’s mission continues meeting the needs of Central Texans as it relates to our founding vision of serving seniors, adults with disabilities and those who care for them.

An impression that our strategic plan helps to shatter is that we simply serve those who are aging. Though that demographic makes up just over 50% of the clients we serve, the other percentage are adults with disabilities. Almost every service we provide is unduplicated, so I cannot fathom the thousands of individuals in our own backyards who would go without a guardian, or who would continue being exploited and neglected by a friend or family member because Family Eldercare didn’t serve a client simply because of his/her age. Isn’t it comforting to know that Family Eldercare provides services regardless of age or ability?

Our services empower those who never knew they had a voice; protect fragile and vulnerable individuals who have been maliciously neglected or exploited; keep clients housed who are about to be homeless; house the homeless; ensure that individuals age with independence and dignity; advocate for those who have no one; council the grieving, lost and lonely; and connect by phone those who cannot physically connect because they are home-bound. We are proud to help Central Texans thrive in their community. In 2017, Family Eldercare celebrates 35 years of service. Join us as we celebrate the great work we’ve done and empower the next 35 years to be even better!


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Kent Herring
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