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Integrity is at the core of Family Eldercare’s identity. We believe in honest, transparent, and ethical practices that protect our resources and the people we serve.

Our Vision for 2023

When I joined Family Eldercare on December 5th, I became part of this family, because that’s what we all are here: we are FAMILY. Perhaps because I was raised by my grandmother; Perhaps because one of my siblings has a developmental disability but working with older adults and disabled individuals has always provided a deep meaning in my life and a great deal of joy.

And it is precisely with a lot joy that I share my vision for Family Eldercare in 2023 and beyond:

Strengthening our Foundation.

To keep up with our tremendous growth, Family Eldercare will focus on strengthening our infrastructure. And, everything will be conceived and developed under the umbrella of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 


We’re embarking on two exciting and innovative supportive housing projects for homeless older adults: Pecan Gardens and Real Gardens, both on track to break ground in 2023. We aim to expand Guardianship services, in-home support, and health and wellness programs including Rainbow Connections ATX. We also aim to increase our presence in the community and expand our partnerships and collaborations.


Facing the systems of economic and social oppression that keep our communities marginalized can be done through advocacy.  We’ve been advocates for 40 years, and my vision is to develop an advocacy arm not only locally, but on a state and national level.

It would have been impossible for our agency to celebrate 40 years without your support. Thank you. Muchisimas Gracias.  This is a new day for Family Eldercare. Would you join us in our journey to make Family Eldercare one of the leading champions for older adults and folks with disabilities in our country? I hope the answer is YES.

 With hope and gratitude, 

Dr. Aaron Alarcon, Family Eldercare CEO

EIN number: 74-2286387