Advocacy and Outreach

Advocacy and Outreach

We are fierce advocates for the independence, dignity, and health of older adults and adults with disabilities.

We believe in community where people with disabilities, older adults, veterans, and people with housing insecurities can safely age in place with dignity and independence and where essential workers receive a fair wage. You can also be an advocate for change. Learn more about the challenges we face in Texas and Nationally.
Austin Gay and Lesbian Senior Services

80 Over Eighty ⇥

Celebrating Central Texans who are 80+ years old and inspiring

Austin Gay and Lesbian Senior Services

Rainbow Connections ATX

Connecting and uplifting Austin’s LGBTQIA2+ community ages 18 to 110

Family Eldercare team member


We are court appointed Guardians, making decisions to support dignity and independence for court acknowledged incapacitated individuals.

Invest in a more livable and inclusive Central Texas