We are court appointed Guardians, making decisions to support dignity and independence for court acknowledged incapacitated individuals.

Guardianship is appointed by county courts. This legal process appoints Certified Guardians who protect, advocate, and provide stability for individuals who are no longer able to make decisions about their health, finances, and safety.

What is Guardianship?

Guardian of Person: Family Eldercare is court-appointed to make decisions on behalf of clients regarding medical treatment, residential placement and other matters regarding care and safety. Our Texas Certified Guardian case managers advocate for the best quality of life for every client and in an environment that they can thrive in. Family Eldercare can also become the representative payee for the client’s governmental benefits.

Guardian of Estate: Family Eldercare is court-appointed to make decisions about the estate of the client. This includes managing the client’s assets and paying bills from the client’s account with court approval.

Guardianship services may be provided for a person, estate or both.

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