Lifetime Connections Without Walls

Lifetime Connections Without Walls is not possible without the great volunteers who keep the activities happening on the phone for seniors living at home. You can spend as little as an hour or two a month, leading a BINGO game, telling stories or leading a class on a topic you love.

Lifetime Connections Without Walls allows Older Adults to:

  • Join in from their homes using their telephone
  • Simply dial a phone number to access the call
  • Have the opportunity to have a volunteer facilitator connect them to the group call

Check out the many opportunities available in this unique program. You can volunteer without leaving your home or workplace:

  • Coffee Talks
  • Brain Aerobics
  • Armchair Traveling
  • Across the Miles (connections with those in other states and Canada)
  • Gratitude Sessions
  • Educational Seminars
  • Telephone tour of the Zilker Botanical Gardens

Interested in volunteering? Please call 512.220.7076 or EMAIL the program coordinator with questions to request more information. Also, contact us if you have new ideas for programs to offer to our participants!

Click HERE to learn more about Lifetime Connections Without Walls.

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