VA Homeless Providers Grant and Per Diem (GPD) Award

We know that finding a homeless veteran a place to live is only the first step in their journey, and that long-term stability and independence is the only true way to end homelessness. The Department of Veterans Affairs has awarded Family Eldercare a Homeless Providers Grant and Per Diem (GPD) providing funding that targets formerly homeless veterans who are currently housed, but face significant ongoing challenges that put their housing stability at risk. Check out KXAN’s interview with Family Eldercare client and US Marine Corps Veteran, Russell Moreau, as he talks about how much of a life changing impact supportive services for Veterans have had for him and many others in his situation.

New VA grant to Austin nonprofit will help keep formerly homeless vets in homes

This 2-year grant provides funding for a dedicated case manager who is specifically focused on providing comprehensive support to veterans in need of housing retention. With veteran homelessness effectively ended in Austin, there is a critical need to protect vets who have transitioned into housing from falling back into homelessness and ensuring they have the life skills to thrive independently. Family Eldercare’s case management services will target Central Texas veterans and focus on providing them with independent living skills such as financial management, employment opportunities, educational resources and connection to additional supportive services; ensuring comprehensive care and long-term stability.