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Family Eldercare helps coordinate a range of services for older adults living independently at several senior and/or disabled adult housing properties in Travis County. Family Eldercare’s Service Coordinators work onsite to help residents identify and acquire the services they need to remain financially stable and address physical and emotional challenges. We also are available to advise and support family caregivers.

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Service Coordinators Offer Assistance on Various Levels

  • Assist residents by addressing basic needs and access financial resources.
  • Assist with access healthcare services and information needed to manage healthcare benefits.
  • Provide resources to assist with home management, meal services, in home services, etc.
  • Assist residents and families in managing crisis and effectively addressing changing needs over time.
  • Organize educational programs and support social engagement.
  • Organize volunteer activities and special projects.


  • Mrs. J is an 80 year old woman with multiple health conditions. Mrs. J is Deaf and communication with her is difficult. She does not use sign language and modified devices are not helpful. Communicating in writing is most effective. Family Eldercare’s Service Coordination has assisted Mrs. J with communicating with providers, care attendants and family. In addition Mrs. J is also battling breast cancer and Service Coordination has assisted with coordination of chemotherapy appointments and scheduling medical transportation to those appointments. A mastectomy was scheduled with the help of Service Coordination, including advocating to her insurance company regarding increasing in home care hours after her surgical procedure. Mrs. J had her mastectomy and service coordination assisted with setting up, and following up on home health services.
  • An 85 year old affordable senior housing resident lives alone and is blind. She recently started using a smart phone to help her check the weather and make calls, but the learning curve is very steep for her. Due to this learning curve and her care attendant being unable to help with a phone she is not familiar with, the resident has been unable to make phone calls for weeks, thus creating a safety issue. The phone she purchased does not accommodate the difficulties that someone who is blind faces and Family Eldercare Service Coordination staff meet with this resident regularly. A donated iPhone was finally obtained in order to use the voice activation features, which will increase the resident’s independence, particularly in the case of an emergency.
  • Though he speaks a little English, Mr. C, 69 is most comfortable communicating in Spanish. After being diagnosed with renal cancer, he and his wife were worried, terrified and overwhelmed after their doctor visit. The doctor suggested a clinical trial treatment and had provided the documents in Spanish. Even though Spanish is their preferred language, Mr. and Mrs. C. have limited reading skills and wanted to talk to an expert who could explain to them the pros and cons of treatment verbally in Spanish. The Family Eldercare Service Coordinator made a home visit and spoke with the couple about their needs. The Service Coordinator gathered all information about the treatment and reached out to a local community partner called Ventanilla Salud. The program is a partnership between the Livestrong Foundation and Mexican Consulate. The advocate made a home visit and explained the clinical trial and answered all questions. The advocate also provided resources on local support programs for Mrs. C., as the couple has been married for 46 years and Mr. C has been worried about his wife. The Service Coordinator continues providing supportive counseling and meets with Mr. and Mrs. C. in regards to ongoing care, health and benefits issues as they come up.

Please see our list of properties where our staff is located below. If you know of a person in need of services, who is resident at one of these properties, please let them know that this valuable service is available to them.

Housing providers are often at a loss as to how to help their residents address problems that jeopardize their ability to stay in their apartment. We’d be happy to discuss how we may bring this valuable service to your community!

Service Coordination is currently offered at the following locations:

Individual and Group Volunteer opportunities are available all year round. Please contact us to help!
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