We remain steadfast in our commitment to offer services that allow people to age in place safely with dignity and independence, and for fair wages and healthcare for the essential workers serving our community. Due to diverse factors such as changes in the industry, a lack of state and federal support, and COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to end our direct services, but our commitment to meeting the critical needs of our community means that we will remain a connector and advocate for all Texans and their care attendants.

Why is Family Eldercare ending In-Home Care?

Family Eldercare has a strong commitment to serving our clients with the highest quality care and compassion. We established our In-Home Care services program 25 years ago to address a gap need for members of our community, creating an opportunity for older adults and adults with disabilities to receive personalized care at home and continue to live with dignity and independence.

The decision to end our In-Home Care services program is based on many factors including unduly burdensome state and federal requirements, the struggle to recruit care attendants, the reimbursement shortfalls from Medicaid, and new barriers to providing service in a pandemic environment. This decision was not easy, but necessary for our organization given the circumstances. We are disappointed with the current system, which has ignored the needs of both care attendants and care recipients. Our shift away from providing this direct service has only further strengthened our desire to advocate for change.

Who does In-Home Care serve?

Since its launch, our In-Home Care program has served more than 4,500 clients, provided 750,000 hours of service, and employed over 270 Care Attendants. We are proud of this accomplishment and thankful to have played a role in making a difference in the lives of those who needed this service most. We will continue to connect clients to critical resources, as well as advocate for much-needed changes to the industry.

What kind of support will our clients continue to receive?

We’ve worked diligently to ensure clients and staff impacted by our program closure receive the support they need. By collaborating with Meals-on-Wheels, a large non-profit provider of in-home care services, we helped pave the way for all former clients and Care Attendants to transition to other programs. A vast majority elected to transition to Meals-on-Wheels.

Although one significant chapter in our organization’s history is closing, we are presented with a unique opportunity to shift our focus to advocating for better care for the communities we serve, and fair wages for those who care for them. We encourage employees and stakeholders to stand with us in support of our efforts.