Program Information

Family Eldercare is committed to enhancing the lives of senior adults and adults with disabilities. We are dedicated to helping seniors remain in their homes for as long as possible by exploring pathways that empower them to improve their circumstances, enhance dignity, and quality of life. We meet you where you are and provide individualized counseling to those who are home bound. We assist in managing ongoing mental health issues and concerns that arise as a result of the aging process.

We specialize in home-based counseling.

Family Eldercare’s counselors specialize in empowering clients to maximize their strengths and independence. Professional, compassionate Licensed Clinical Social Workers provide counseling/therapy for a wide range of challenges, including:

~Caregiver Stress~
~Decreased Coping Skills~
~Adjusting to Life Transitions and Medical Issues~
~Family Conflicts~
~Unresolved Grief~
~Loss of a Spouse or Adult Child~
~Emotional Trauma~
~Early Stages of Dementia~

Counseling with a Licensed Clinical Social Worker is provided in the home and is covered by Medicare Part B or private pay by the hour. Please contact our counseling department with any questions regarding services and insurance coverage.

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