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Recent News from Family Eldercare

80 Over Eighty Honoree – Donald Henderson

The story of Donald Henderson of Lockhart was shared by his daughter-in-law, Cheryl. Don is the humble, go-to-guy for his friends, family and whole community. He spends his days helping those in need. Most importantly, he instills a sense of purpose in his grandsons Hayden, Jackson, and Carter. He is frequently spotted giving rides to…Read More

80 Over Eighty Honoree – Charles Childers

The story of Charles Childers was shared by Juan Perez, Family Eldercare’s Service Coordinator at Lyons Gardens, where Charles lives in an affordable senior housing community. Juan writes that “Charles is a WWII veteran and a writer with a unique personality and life experiences, and he inspires others to appreciate the beauty of life.” In…Read More

Everyone Deserves A Home

Amplify Relationships!

Carly Bassett, Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Family Eldercare, shines a spotlight on how building relationships helps people heal. Did you know Family Eldercare provides in-home counseling to homebound seniors? Professionals like Carly help provide life-changing support to aid in the healing process when life turns us upside down.  …Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day

Sponsor a relationship with a senior on a fixed income this Valentine’s.? Every $5 we receive sponsors 1 hour of DISCOUNTED in-home care services for low-income seniors who can’t afford it….Read More