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Our Impact

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Housing and Community Services

Keeping our community stably housed, financially secure, healthy, equitable, and supported.

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Health and Wellness

Promoting physical, mental, and social well-being in the homes of older adults experiencing barriers in life.

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Advocacy and Outreach

Life-long advocates for people with disabilities, those who identify LGBTQIA+, and persons experiencing homelessness.

Client Stories

Photos and names may be changed to protect the privacy of clients when requested.

Meet Connie

Meet Connie

Connie was one of the 10,300 Central Texas who benefitted from the Summer Fan Drive in 2021.  She lives in a trailer with her two small dogs. Because she lives in a rural part of Central Texas, it is hard for her to get the help she needs. She called our fan drive hotline for help and we provided her with a variety of fans that would fit in her RV and keep her and her dogs cool.

I woke up saying I can’t take it anymore. And I was sitting there thinking how am I going to make it? There’s people like me who don’t have anybody at all to help them. And so, I want to thank Family Eldercare.

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Meet Sandra

72-year old Sandra lives in a housing complex for older adults. She had never lived alone before. After losing her husband of 43 years, she moved in with her children. She appreciated their help, but eventually felt she needed her own space. She credits Family Eldercare, and especially her on-site Service Coordinator Michelle, with helping her maintain her independence.

It hasn’t always been easy. “I’ve been struggling,” Sandra admits, “because the electricity bill just keeps going up and up.” Michelle, she says, “she’s really good about doing what needs to be done to keep my lights on.” Beyond connecting her to resources, Sandra is especially grateful to Michelle for the emotional support she provides. Sandra says talking to Michelle has really help her.

If it weren’t for Michelle, I probably wouldn’t still be here. I would not be alive because I would just have given up on myself. But I’m not ready for that yet, thanks to Michelle.

Meet Ms B

Meet a LCWW Participant

She found out about Lifetime Connections Without Walls (LCWW) at her local library. But soon after, she had a small brain stroke that affected her vision. A natural extrovert, she was concerned about how she’d be able to stay socially engaged with her new health concerns. She had stopped attending a book club at her library out of frustration with her visual impairment. She also was suffering from some slight cognitive impairment after the stroke.

But after participating in a couple LCWW sessions, she soon realized that her concerns were premature and that she was able to still stay engaged. In fact, she attributes her participation to helping improve her cognitive impairment. She then started participating in more sessions and shortly after, was participating in nearly every LCWW session. She became one of the most active participants.

In a world of confusion, loneliness, and isolation, I found you. My life has changed dramatically. I am out of the scary dark and into the light of life.

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