Family Eldercare Statement in Support of AAPI

Family Eldercare proudly serves and employs Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Austinites. Like other ethnic groups whose communities reflect different national origins, or whose descendants once held a different citizenship, AAPI communities face long histories of discrimination and violence in the United States. In light of the targeted violence and deaths in Atlanta, we respectfully bring attention to a long history of racist immigration policies, Orientalist stereotypes, and compounding issues discrimination including skin color, gender, sexuality, language, age, immigration status, physical ability and others. Many AAPI individuals are experiencing increased discrimination and violence in the last year, due to stereotypes that associate “foreign” with danger, “Chinese” with COVID-19, and racism that ignores the diversity of Asian-Americans, including those American-born. This has especially impacted older AAPI adults. Family Eldercare unabashedly stands for the rights, safety and dignity of AAPI clients, staff and community members everywhere.

Here are additional resources to learn more about the history and recent COVID-19 escalation of violence against AAPI:

Resources and guides for serving AAPI older adults can be found at:

Asian-American Cultural Center

  • Reopening June 1st and open from 8:15am-5:45pm at 11713 Jollyville Rd, Austin TX 78759. Calls for more information at 512-336-5069. Isolation has profound health impacts, and language barriers disproportionately affect AAPI older adults. The Center provides festival celebrations, monthly senior-specific events, and ongoing ESL classes. Another great local resource is the Asian-American Family Support Services of Austin which prioritizes interpersonal and/sexual violence. They offer a 24-hour hotline, 1-877-281-8371. Even if you are unsure whether a client is eligible, staff are encouraged to make a call. Services are provided in 30 different languages and in multiple surrounding counties.