Family Eldercare Events

Amplify Austin

Family Eldercare participates in the annual Amplify Austin, 24 hour event hosted by I Live Here, I Give Here. In 2016, we raised more than $90,000. Learn how your donation can be AMPLIFIED by matching dollars!... Read More >

Holiday Giving Drive

Beginning in October of each year, Family Eldercare collects wish lists from our clients who have little or no family to celebrate the holidays with. Learn how you can be the joy that brightens these amazing individuals lives through your donations or volunteering.... Read More >

Fans From Fans

What happens when Austin's favorite music, food and on-air talent come together for a day-to-evening event? For almost twenty years, Family Eldercare has been fortunate to benefit from that unforgettable combo we call Fan Fare Friday - our largest and most critical event of the year!... Read More >