We believe receiving care inside of the home is a pathway for independence and optimal health for our loved ones.  Join Family Eldercare in fighting for change.

      • Professional caregiving is the fastest growing industry in Texas. However, the system that regulates in-home caregiving is failing both those who receive care and those who care for them.
      • State and federal regulations make it harder to recruit caregivers or provide people on a fixed income the quality of care they deserve. And trouble getting reimbursements from Medicaid, combined with unexpected disruptions like a global pandemic, make the economic realities of receiving care at home nearly impossible. Given these challenges, it is clear change needs to happen now.
      • Together we can hold lawmakers accountable for creating smart policies that support those receiving services and the Professional Caregivers who care for them.

Here are 3 steps you can take today:

  1. Learn more about the challenges care receivers and professional caregivers face in Texas and nationally.
  2. Host a documentary screening with Family Eldercare and invite friends and family to learn more about how to change the system regulating professional caregiving.
  3. Subscribe to Family Eldercare’s advocacy action list serve

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