The Many Faces of Social Work









Relationships are the heart of Family Eldercare and our case managers, care managers, and social workers are on the front lines creating those relationships. We’re celebrating the many faces of social work which embody the work our employees do every day:

As Advocates, we fight for your right to live with dignity and independence. We have battled the system to help someone retain the right to vote, report an abuser, live closer to family, and get life-saving surgery. Every day, we stand with you.

As Counselors, we help you recognize your personal strengths and guide you as an active participant in your own success. We know you might feel invisible. We want you to feel invincible!

As Mediators, we are experts at finding solutions to family conflicts, billing disputes, and legal issues. We help you keep the peace.

As Educators, we share our expertise and wisdom with others to become a stronger force in our community. Knowledge is more powerful when it is shared!

As Case Managers, we are your partners. We are by your side during times of joy and tragedy. We make sure you get the services that help you reach your goals and help you thrive. You are not alone!

As Managers, we prevent crisis when life gets hard. We are here to protect your rights. Your dignity. Your voice. We are here for you when you are the most vulnerable, no matter the size of your wallet.

As Community Change Agents, we fix the system. Family Eldercare serves on numerous local planning bodies, coalitions, and task forces. We lead the charge to improve the system for people with disabilities, veterans, homeless individuals, and our aging community.

As Brokers, we know how to navigate complex systems. We get you the best options for housing, health care, and benefits so you can focus on living your best life.

As Facilitators, we take action to speed up results. Such as: using technology to connect homebound seniors with each other, cutting through red tape to prevent evictions, and finding ways to get veterans rapid housing.

Family Eldercare is an expert in aging and disability. As Researchers, we base our programs on proven methods. We do what works.