Statement on the Passing of Michael Hickson

First and foremost, we express our deepest condolences to all who loved and cared for Michael Hickson.

Family Eldercare does not seek the responsibility of Guardianship, but we accept the responsibility when appointed by the Court to serve as Guardian of individuals that have been determined to be incapacitated adults.  As advocates for older adults and adults with disabilities, our primary goal is to help people thrive with independence and dignity.  End of life decisions when families are in disagreement can be especially difficult.

As court-appointed Guardian, we consulted with Mr. Hickson’s spouse, family, and the medical community on the medical complexity of his case.  As press reports have disclosed, Mr. Hickson’s spouse, family, and the medical community were in agreement with the decision not to intubate Mr. Hickson.  As Guardian, and in consultation with Mr. Hickson’s family and medical providers, we agreed to the recommendation for hospice care so that Mr. Hickson could receive end-of-life comfort, nutrition and medications, in a caring environment.

When tasked with this responsibility, we are guided by the client’s well-being, the guidance of the medical community, ethics committees and the Texas Guardianship code of ethics.  At end of life, we grieve alongside all who loved and cared for our clients.