Shout-Out to Bob: Guardianship Care Manager and All-Around Good Guy









Bob is an experienced Guardianship Care Manager who ensures the well-being and safety of dozens of lives. It’s a tough job because often the people he serves are disconnected from family. Often he may be the only person that visits clients in his care.? Bob’s dedication makes him an exceptional advocate for seniors and adults with disabilities in our Guardianship program. Bob is there to help his grandmothers, sisters, brothers, uncles, and veterans he serves combat the isolation and loneliness they may feel.? He works everyday to ensure all his clients are safe, get the services they need, and live with as much freedom as possible.? Bob’s dedication does not go unnoticed. He received these special shout-outs from his colleagues who appreciate his special commitment to the lives he serves.

?I?ve listened to Bob speak to his clients and you can just hear the compassion, excellence, passion, and commitment when he is speaking to the clients we serve. He really is trying to provide the best advice to help the client in any given situation. His integrity and stewardship shows his respect for the work we do. Congrats to Bob for a job well done!?

?Bob shows so much caring for all his clients, even when he is covering for another care manager. He dropped everything to drive across town to pay for medication for a Guardianship client who is not on his caseload. He is also a true gentleman, when several people are working late, he checks on everyone and lets them know who is still in the building. He really cares and his actions show it.?

Thank you, Bob!