Sample Letter to Representatives – COVID 19

I am writing with concerns for seniors and adults with disabilities.  Many of our most vulnerable citizens on a fixed-income depend on nutrition, health, basic need, and support service benefits through Texas Health and Human Services for their housing stability, health, and food security.  During this public health emergency, I encourage you to extend the eligibility for currently approved benefits for Texas seniors and adults with disabilities through the end of the 2020 calendar year.  This will reduce the need for application renewals during a national disaster situation.   I also encourage the fast-tracking of new and pending applications to ensure our most vulnerable have access to the benefits they need during the pandemic.

While our community is rallying to reduce face-to-face contact to flatten the curve, you can prevent seniors and adults with disabilities from losing access to their supplemental nutrition, Medicaid, and other HHSC benefits.  This relief will also reduce the need to engage in face-to-face contact for our state and non-profit employees working on these renewals during a critical time.  Thank you for your support of these emergency measures to keep our community safe.