Family Eldercare was founded in 1982 by a group of professionals concerned with supporting the family’s role as caregiver for some of Central Texas’ most vulnerable, seniors and adults with disabilities. Though the programs and services have expanded, the mission to support this population to live with dignity in their communities by providing them and their caregivers with essential individualized services hasn’t changed.

Staff Leadership

Kent Herring

Chief Executive Officer

Brittany Baize

Director of Development & Communications

Joyce Hefner

Director of Housing & Community Services

Cheryl Dunn

Director of Finance & Administration

Shontell Gauthier

Director of Money Management Services

2021 Board of Directors

Kim Wilson


Jen Berbas

Outgoing Chair

Sam Cockburn


Patricia McLaughlin


Sandra L. Morris
Charles Colley
Eric Corum
Cass Grange
Deborah Kerr
Bill McHugh
Smitha Bellur
Cory Macdonald
Ali Foyt

President's Council

Jackie Lelong (1930 - 2018)

Founder Of Family Eldercare

Jacqueline Angel

Michelle Bonilla

Tom Buckle

Don Carnes

Ellis "Pat" Craig

John Crane

Mark Davis

Clyde Farrell

Cheryl George

Holly Gilman

Deborah Green

Diane "Dede" Hebner

Barbara Lipscomb

Donna Loflin

Ann Marett

J.C. "Dusty" Mccormick

Susan Sharlot (1938 - 2019)

Gail Sulak

Gaye Thompson

Brent Weber