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Since our establishment is 1982, Family Eldercare's mission was molded and designed by community needs. Professionals first supported caregivers for the elderly through training and education. The mission continues to expand based on the needs of the Greater Austin Area. ... Read More >

Dignity and Independence for All

Guided by the vision that seniors and adults with disabilities should thrive in their community, Family Eldercare provides essential services to seniors, adults with disabilities and their caregivers. ... Read More >


Experts in the field of aging and services for those with disabilities, the leadership at Family Eldercare are guided by the vision of helping all seniors and adults with disabilities thrive with dignity in a supportive community. ... Read More >


Regardless of which program you are qualified for, Family Eldercare works hard to set you up for success on day one by immersing you in a first class team of dedicated employees. Are you ready to change the life of a senior or adult with disabilities? Join us if you want your career to be a life-changing legacy. ... Read More >

Financial and Tax Information

An honest look at Family Eldercare’s mission: who we serve, how we make your donation go farther, and a glance at the clients you might be surprised receive services from our amazing programs. Along with important 990 tax forms. ... Read More >