Keeping Older Adults Stably Housed

Family Eldercare offers a continuum of services for older adults and adults with disabilities to support their housing stability, including but not limited to:

  1. Benefits Enrollment: Family Eldercare was the first agency in Central Texas to be designated an official Benefits Enrollment Center by the National Council on Aging. Each year, we assist over 500 clients with benefits enrollment; the total value of benefits we help clients obtain annually is close to $2 million. Enrollment in benefit programs is proven to increase food, housing, transportation, and medical stability, and we see this impact in our clients every day.
  2. Homeless Prevention: Our program provides funds and case management to prevent eviction, pay off rental and/or utility debts, negotiate with property owners, and provide money management skills training. With this model, we hope to end homelessness by preventing it in the first place.
  3. Rapid Rehousing for Older Adults: Family Eldercare offers Austin’s only crisis response system for older adults experiencing homelessness. Research shows there is an emerging crisis of aged homelessness as the unhoused population is increasingly represented by older adults. This intervention transitions older adults experiencing homelessness into permanent housing with financial assistance and case management to reduce the number of days they experience homelessness and prevent it from recurring.
  4. Representative Payee & V.A. Fiduciary: These services are proven to ensure that people’s basic needs are met and that they do not experience financial abuse, exploitation, or other neglect. Our case managers frequently work with clients to improve their money habits and share tools and resources to stabilize their finances.
  5. Service Coordination: This proven HUD-supported model increases quality of life for residents of affordable housing. Outcomes include increased length of independent living, increased resident and community engagement, cost-savings from access to needed services and supports, and eviction prevention.