Inspire Confidence

Sometimes life turns upside down, like it did for May. She had to retire as an accountant and her life felt out of her control.? May is in our Money Management program to help her get her life back in order.? She and her case worker, Jessica, have developed a trusting, collaborative relationship that has built up May?s confidence.? It was difficult, at first, for May to allow someone else to manage her budget.? Much to her surprise, however, Jessica invited her to be an active partner in the process. Together, they came up with a system of paying bills that made May comfortable. ?I don?t have to worry any more. We figured it out together. It made me feel competent again,? said May, smiling.

Jessica knows trust is the cornerstone of success as a Money Manager at Family Eldercare. She works hard to be dependable and earn someone?s confidence, and even friendship. ?May started as a client, but we have built this communication and trust and feeling of safety with each other that makes us more like friends.?

The feeling is mutual! ?I just think Jessica is awesome. I appreciate her. You work with someone over time, and it has blossomed into something else. Being able to work with someone closely to help you in your life, there?s a trust there that is so important. We are a team, that?s the approach I really like. She?s not just my money manager, she?s a dear friend, and I really value that.?

You can support relationships like Jessica and May’s by sharing your time and resources.