Inspire Caring

Meet the adorable couple, Mr. and Mrs. Leibowitz. We help honor their wishes to age in the comfort of their own home by providing in-home care services.

Care attendant, Ivy, visits during the day. When she is not chuckling at the playful banter between the sweet couple, Ivy gently encourages them through the tasks of daily living, especially Mr. Leibowitz. His daughter told us that ?Ivy?s got the magic touch, she has a pleasant way of making Daddy do the things he needs to do in a nice way.? She takes such good care of them.?? Aida takes care of the Leibowitz?s in the evenings, when Mr. Leibowitz becomes restless and tends to wander. Mr. Leibowitz often tells his daughter that Aida makes him feel safe at night, commenting, ?She?s only here three nights a week, but those are three good nights.?

As a nonprofit, Family Eldercare can offer in-home care services at a discount to seniors who are facing financial hardships. We do so because we believe everyone deserves the chance to age at home with a little help.? It’s more than a job to us, it’s a calling. And relationships are the heart of what we do.? You can support relationships like the one between the Leibowitz’s and their caregivers by donating to the Love of Aging campaign today.