FEC Responds: The Home Health Care Crunch

From time to time Family Eldercare staff will respond to recent news on issues we address through our work for seniors, adults with disabilities and their caregivers.

The Home Health Care Crunch
By Angela Atwood, CEO Family Eldercare

Recently the Austin American-Statesman ran an article highlighting the challenges we face as a nation in meeting a growing need for quality, well-compensated home care workers (see article link below). At Family Eldercare we call these amazing people In-Home Care Attendants, and they can be the difference between aging at home and institutionalized care.

I could list all the services our In-Home Care Attendants provide, but it is best summarized by saying that as age limits mobility, memory, health, strength and capacity we all need additional help from someone who can provide it with honesty and dignity. That?s what we do.

We know how difficult it can be to decide to seek outside help, and then wade through a sea of options before settling on the right person for the job. It is literally our mission to help you find that person, and to continue on that journey with you as your loved-one?s needs evolve. Every week we hear from clients and their loved-ones as they share their feelings of relief and peace of mind that comes from finding the right care solution.

We have the honor of not just serving the primary client, but the WHOLE FAMILY. Family caregivers need our support, and we give it through counseling, education and constant assessment of client needs to reduce stress and anxiety for everyone involved. We are driven to do so by our mission, not by profit or sales commissions. And, our services are provided at the highest levels ? backed by the latest, most innovative training.

One of the most compelling and concerning points of the Statesman article is the way in which Care Attendants are compensated. Nationally, Care Attendants are paid on par with fast food employees. Yet, we expect them to provide the highest level of care to our most important loved-ones. It?s easy to understand the potential risk to quality of care, longevity and reliability when you underpay such a critical service provider. Yet, it?s fast becoming the industry standard.

At Family Eldercare we make compensation a priority for our Care Attendants. By paying above market rates, we retain staff with higher qualifications for longer, richer Care Attendant/Client relationships. With the right management, training and compensation our Care Attendants may serve the same families for years ? providing respectful, loving care for the client and allowing loved-ones to rest easy. It?s a worthy investment in our staff and the people we serve.

Are you struggling to provide care for an older adult? Or, are you an older adult who wishes to increase your independence and stay at home? If so, please consider contacting our In-Home Care department for consultation about your family?s needs. We are available by phone or email 24 hours a day.

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Read More: http://www.statesman.com/life/health-medical/aging-baby-boomers-face-home-health-care-challenge-2428444.html