Holiday Giving Drive

eldercare3Often the amazing clients we serve at Family Eldercare come to us because they no longer have family support to act as their guardian or assist in managing their bills and daily activities. In many cases, family rights are terminated due to exploitation, abuse and/or neglect; it could also be because a client no longer has living family and we have been assigned their guardian through the courts; or, it could be that the family relationship became so strained that support is no longer an option. Family Eldercare relies on support from the community to provide holiday joy to hundreds of deserving seniors and adults with disabilities that we provide support for.


Thank you for helping us fulfill a record 380 client wish lists during the 2016 Holiday Season!
We could not have fulfilled all of these lists without your help.


Want to Participate in the Annual Holiday Giving Drive?

If you are interested in sponsoring or shopping for gifts, please click HERE to sign up. You will be contacted in early November 2017.

If you are not able to shop for a senior but are interested in supporting the event, please click HERE to donate!

You can also donate to our year-round services such as Money Management, Guardianship, In Home Care and Counseling Services by visiting this link.


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Call: 512.483.3582

Client Story

Of all the gifts we dreamed of as kids, almost none motivated us to land on the ‘Nice List’ more than the hope of a shiny new bike. Family Eldercare’s mission stretches from young adults with disabilities to seniors who used to be very active but are now homebound. Jeffery is a young man who has both mental and physical disabilities which prevent him from driving, but his only wish over the 2015 holidays was one of those shiny new bikes. His income is very minimal and barely stretches to cover his basic needs, so this two wheeled mode of transportation was just too expensive to purchase.

However, his wish came true through the generous support of a 2015 Holiday Giving Drive Sponsor. This sponsor was participating with his work group, noticed the need for a bike listed on the wish list and made it happen. Working with Family Eldercare, he ensured he bought a bike that would fulfill Jeffery’s need of transportation, but also fulfilled the perfect bike that Jeffery wanted. Along with a helmet and lock, the donor hand delivered the bike to Family Eldercare.

Airco Gift Wrapping

As Jeffery stood in the lobby of Family Eldercare, waiting for his gifts, he expressed the many times he prayed he would get a bike this holiday, but didn’t think it would happen. Around the corner his bike came! Jeffrey squealed with excitement, bringing tears to his eyes. He immediately strapped on his helmet and took his new ride for a spin in the parking lot.

There are MANY people who have to come together to make our Holiday Giving Drives special. In 2015, AMD handmade cards that were delivered with the gifts. AirCo and Direct Energy employees came in for hours on a Saturday morning to wrap and organize gifts. We received crucial sponsorship dollars from individuals and corporations such as Action Pawn to have the means to fulfill wish lists. Businesses such as BMC and Texas Mutual adopted dozens of clients to sponsor, ensuring every one of our 369 wish lists were fulfilled.

Every single gift given during the Holiday Giving Drive has a positive impact on a client. From big gifts, to the smallest gestures, to simply a good visit, this event brings joy and comfort to some of our most lonely in our community. You can spread the truest form of holiday spirit by taking part!