80 Over Eighty Honoree – Lyova Rosanoff

Born to the celebrity of renowned cellists, Lyova Rosanoff moved from New York City to Texas to blaze her own trail.

Photo by Annie Ray – AnnieRayCreative.com

At 89, Lyova has been a shining Texas star for more than half a century. She’s had a rich influence on countless musicians, artists, theater people, and audiences in San Antonio and Austin throughout her career. Lyova has created original works with the Austin Opera and Dougherty Arts Center. She’s a versatile talent, adept at writing both comedy sketches and classical music. She hosts musical events at her home to celebrate Austin chamber music players, jazz musicians, and creative souls in the area. In 1990, she had the distinct honor of accompanying campaign events for Ann Richards.

You might have been lucky enough to witness her talent and humor first-hand. For nearly 30 years, Lyova was the musical director of Esther’s Follies.

Now, if you’re not from these parts, I can tell you that Esther’s Follies is modern-day vaudeville mixed with political satire. You’re not a true Austinite until you’ve been to Esther’s Follies! For all her contributions to the arts, Lyova was inducted into the Austin Arts Hall of Fame in 2003.

In addition to being a cultural icon, Lyova is a dedicated environmentalist. She enjoys nature and walking her dog Sascha. She lives in the historic Hyde Park neighborhood which was once lined with Victorian style homes. You should know that while Lyova is sweet and charming, she cannot abide feeling bullied. In 2000, she was named the “Best Island of Sanity” by the Austin Chronicle, for being the only resident in her block who refused to sell her property to make room for a five-story parking garage, saying:

They never made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Today, she still lives in her Hyde Park home of more than 50 years, with her very good boy Sascha– surrounded by music sheets, photos of glorious friends, and a piano in nearly every room.

Lyova was nominated by Ester’s Follies co-founder Shelly Sedwick for being a powerhouse and creative mastermind.

For her creative talents and integrity, Family Eldercare honors Lyova Rosanoff.


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Photo by Annie Ray – annieraycreative.com; Instagram – @annieraydotnet