80 Over Eighty Honoree – Jody Kelly

Jody Kelly’s story was shared by her dear friend Lisa Daly. During the few years they have known each other, Jody has always been an inspiration to Lisa. When they first met, they taught a fall prevention class designed to decrease people’s fear of falling and improve balance and mobility.

Jody would always tell them, “it is never too late to start improving strength and balance.” Jody was a personal trainer for older adults so she could really speak to the benefits of exercise for everyone. She would share how she was a “couch potato” until she was 69 years old! (Really, she was.) Her passion to get older adults moving was so strong that she used her knowledge and experience as an English professor and technical writer to write a strength training book targeted for women over 70 called ‘Feeling Good: strength training with your elders.’

Jody has completed many triathlons, aquathons, and duathlons. Next month she is headed to her next adventure in Spain for a World Championship aquathon where she will compete with other woman in her age group swimming 1 kilometer and running a 5K. She was even on the Amazing Race with her granddaughter in 2010!

Lisa shared, “Jody is just a wonderful person to be around and is very humble about all of her accomplishments. I guess I want to be Jody Kelly when I grow up.” Lisa laughs, “She would probably hate that I said that, to her it’s no big deal just keep on moving and do what you love!”

When asked how she wants people to remember her Jody said, “I’m Having fun at 81, you can too at 82, join me at 83.”


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Photo by Annie Ray – annieraycreative.com; Instagram – @annieraydotnet