80 Over Eighty Honoree – Isaac Robinson

Isaac Robinson is an active member of his Lakeside Apartments community and is a fierce advocate for affordable housing. He was nominated by his Family Eldercare Service Coordinator, Sandra Galindo who admires his leadership in their community. “He’s an exceptionally caring and compassionate person.”

Photo by Annie Ray – annieraycreative.com

Isaac has served as a leader in various capacities over the past eleven years. First as Resident Council President at Lakeside and as Secretary, and later he went on to serve a five-year term representing all of the city’s public housing communities on the Board of Commissioners for HACA, or the Housing Authority for the City of Austin. In that role, he championed programs like the Austin Pathways scholarship which provides support for individuals living in public housing communities to afford a college education. This is a natural cause for Isaac who, years ago as a young man, hoped to become a teacher. If he knew then what he knows now he would tell his younger self, “stay in school, stick to the books.”

His story is one of great resilience. Before living at Lakeside Apartments, Isaac had lived on the streets for three years and struggled with sobriety. This experience informed his view of the importance of affordable housing that “stable housing helps you prioritize your money and even save a little, and more so it helps you improve your life.” Isaac is grateful this opportunity existed for him, and he is being recognized today for making sure that opportunity exists for the thousands of residents living in Austin’s public housing.


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