80 Over Eighty Honoree – Bill McLellan

Photo by Annie Ray – AnnieRayCreative.com

83 year-old Bill McLellan wants you to know one thing: He flunked at retirement.

After a successful 36-year career at 3M, Bill “retired.” It didn’t last long.  Bill’s a people-person. He adores his family and his community. If you join him at his favorite restaurants in town, you’ll find that Bill knows everyone from the CEO’s to the waitstaff.  He is hard-wired to seek out people, hear their stories, meet their dogs, invite them for coffee, and get involved in their causes. Bill tells us:

“I’m an extrovert and things involving helping people are what I like to do.”



During his failed retirement, Bill has become involved in a variety of nonprofit endeavors in the Austin community. He has been Executive Director of Lifeworks, which seeks to end youth homelessness; he was CEO of the Austin Museum of Art and has served on the Mobile Loaves & Fishes board. And, most notably for us, he served as the Chief Development Officer at Family Eldercare for 3 years. Somewhere along this journey, Bill earned the nickname “The Mayor” because of his charismatic storytelling and because he seemed to know everyone in Austin!

Bill was nominated by Family Eldercare board members Cass Grange and Kim Caldwell. They wanted to honor his service to the Austin community.

“Bill believes in the power of connection and suggestion,” Cass says.  “He suggested I be on the Family Eldercare board of directors because it would look good on my resume. The next thing I know, I am President and ten years have passed!”  

Bill’s fun-loving nature and positive energy helps inspire the best in others. Bill has truly never met a stranger.

For cultivating a culture of connection and caring wherever he goes. And for being the best failure at retirement that anyone could hope to be, Family Eldercare honors Bill McLellan.


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Photo by Annie Ray – annieraycreative.com; Instagram – @annieraydotnet