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Recent News from Family Eldercare

80 Over Eighty Honoree – Wilhelmina Delco

Wilhelmina Delco has been a fixture in the Austin community since she settled here over 60 years ago. She is a champion for education and credits her mother with instilling this in her, saying, “My mother felt that education was the only thing nobody could take away from you.” Wilhelmina holds a Bachelor of Arts…Read More

80 Over Eighty Honoree – Sue Sharlot

Last year, Susan Sharlot turned 80 and now she jokes that 80 is the new 78. She believes that gratitude is hard-wired into us, and that gratitude is the enhancer of life. In her adult life, Susan has been a secretary, a wife and mother, a registered nurse, a lawyer, a volunteer, a nanny, a…Read More

80 Over Eighty Honoree – Ophie Garcia

Ophie Garcia grew up in South Texas, the daughter of a migrant worker without a formal education. She started working for HEB to help support her family in 1965. She is the longest tenured employee who will be celebrating her 54th anniversary this month. Ophie often states that she went to the University of HEB…Read More

80 Over Eighty Honoree – Mary Moody

Mary Moody’s story was shared by her daughter-in-law Julie. Julie nominated Mary because she has been volunteering and giving back to her community her entire life. Mary and her late husband of 48 years volunteered all over the United States. Mary shared that volunteering fed their souls and helped them love the many places they…Read More

80 Over Eighty Honoree – Mary Gonzales

Mary Gonzales was nominated by her daughter-in-law Gail. Gail shares that Mary is a tireless, amazing woman who just turned 81. She is always positive and smiling, and very active in her community. For the last 4 years, Mary has been traveling on the MegaBus to Dallas every Monday through Thursday night to take care…Read More